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Jason Arshan Nik presents SUCCESS

There is no one way to define success. Everybody has their own visions of what it means to succeed. So I asked people from all walks of life, all at varying stages of success -- people who are at the beginning of accomplishing their dreams all the way to millionaires and billionaires still chasing new dreams. I asked each one of them the same question: How do you personally define success? These are their answers.

Ashish Walia, COO of LawTrades
In the business world, I would define success by being able to grow a business from the ground up and being able to deliver something of value to our users/customers. When LawTrades started, it was simply an idea. Seeing how far it's come in only a few months has been great, but we'll know it’s successful when it becomes the go to resource for everyone looking to get quality legal help.
Rob Spaz, Recording Artist & Songwriter
I define success as humbleness with courage and a little bit of insanity. A lot of people let pride get in the way of their success. Pride knows too much. Being humble you remain learning. No matter the situation, loss of friends, relationships, money, etc. you still have the courage to keep going for your goal. Insanity is that small minded person that says you're crazy for doing whatever it is that you do. That's probably been told to some of the greatest minds in our history.

Kristina Tsipouras, President & CEO of Zoos Greek Iced Tea
I define success by the amount of joy I feel on a daily basis. Through joy and passion comes abundance and success in the traditional form, not the other way around. Success is a balance of excitement for the future, with a appreciation and excitement for the present moment, for the journey.  

Dan Piraro, Creator of Bizarro Comics
Success is when you succeed at something. Donald Trump is successful at money. I am successful at ridiculous mustache.
Lee Springer, Founder of Health as We Age
Success is finding happiness. Cliché I know, so the next question is "define happiness." Simply put, to be loved by those you love, and to be valued in your career/line of work.

Michael Gruener, Founder of Days Island Essential Oils
I'll have to borrow my definition of success from Zig Ziglar -- doing the best you can with what you have.

Shannon McIntosh, Professional Race Car Driver
To me, success comes in all shapes and sizes. Mostly, I believe that setting goals and giving 100% always results in success if you are constantly evolving and getting better.
Talia Russo, Spokesmodel/Actress
I define success in many ways. When I reach a goal I'm happy with to me it could be a big deal and others not. So as long as I'm happy and fulfilled in what ever it is I'm doing, I’m successful!
Jay Grave, Professional Bass Fisherman
Loving what you do and being able to give back to your neighbors.
Cheri Garcia, PR Consultant & Inventor
Success is doing what you want, when you want while being happy. That could mean raising a family, or growing a company.
Beverly Ritz, Professional Photographer & Graphic Designer
Success is defined to me by achieving long term safety and comfort in life. Knowing if I leave my son's bike in the front yard overnight it will not get stolen.
Katie Summers, Fitness Coach
I think success is finding whatever it is that makes you happy and doing that. I think that you need to be able to be successful selflessly sometimes to truly be successful. Every person has the right to their earnings but nothing is ever worth much if you had to lose your soul to get it. I think success is finding what lights your heart on fire. Whether you spend your life chasing  the fire, perfecting it, dreaming about it, holding it, whatever, as long as it makes you better and you are happy. Then I think that is success.
Kristen Putney, Singer for Instants and Bass Player for Black Pills
My success definition is to do what I love and with people I love. If I am happy, I am successful. Building a legacy for our names and our daughter. Happiness is all I want.
Chizom Ekpunobi, Founder of Peernergy
Success to me is finally being able to say “I did it!!” When you’ve worked hard for something, after failing miserably and being told by others you can’t do it so you should quit or something ‘less tasking,’ and you finally get it done, that’s success. Success is being able to change the lives of those around you who cannot necessarily do anything back for you. Success is being able to give back. How many people can I say I took off the streets and made their lives better? How many children did I put through school? How many school supplies did I provide for schools in third world countries? How many communities did I put a process to give them clean drinking water? How many children did I give shoes to? How many people are better off today because of me? Etc. When I answer these questions and smile at my numbers, then I can truly say I am successful.
Dez Bryant, Professional Football Player for the Dallas Cowboys
Being able to do what makes you happiest!
Jose L. Torres, Owner of Tower Studio
Success to me is accomplishing anything you set yourself to do and getting it done to the best of your ability. Esther Spina, Entrepreneur & Author of The Ambitious Woman
Defining  success is different for every woman (person).  If you want to be successful, then you must choose to do what ambitious people do. How about the stay at home mom who knows how to handle her kids and keeps her home running smoothly----she’s successful. What about the woman who can balance her career and a family ----she’s successful.  The woman who is determined to earn her degree, the woman who is a visionary and is making her dream a reality, the woman who is consistent in character and in the way she lives life---they are all successful. Trudy Magnum, Reggae Pop Singer
The highest level of enlightenment to know oneself from within. Maher Maso, Mayor of Frisco TX
Making a difference doing something you enjoy.
Shannon Allen, CMO of EvoLux Transportation & Author of Going Up
My personal definition of success is the ability to have time to do whatever you want. The ability to experience what you want with the ability to bend time to your will. Time is key.
Garni Sohrabian, Founder of Steal Time Back
​I'm a simple man when it comes to this. I gave up a lot of what society considers success in terms of money and status to write books and start Steal Time Back. But I consider myself successful because I get to wake up and do what I love and better the world in the process.
Rick Fox, 3-Time NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers, Actor, & Producer
That I continue to evolve in all areas of my life - progress not perfection.

Lizzie Blazquez, Singer
Success is the result you get when you don't give up on any situation in life. It’s when you turn the negatives to positives. It’s when your desire to be great is more than anything else that can hold you back in life. It’s the result of overcoming persistently any situation everyday to achieve you goals. Success is the result of an everyday exercise to reach your goals. Success is the result of failure everyday, without giving up. Success is when everything negative in your life turns positive because of your persistence.
For me, I think success is overcoming my own obstacles (myself is the biggest one) and believing in my potential.
Andrew Ference, Professional Hockey Player for the Edmonton Oilers
Success is dedicating yourself to whatever it is you want to accomplish and doing your best. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but you’ll have no regrets knowing that you did everything you could.
Daniel Kearny, Founder of SEaL International My personal definition of success is not dependent upon bank account balances during your lifetime, but is rather an achievement that is reached at the end of your journey. Although it is absolutely true that more money gives you more options and allows you to be financially prepared for certain situations, it ultimately does not define you as a successful person. Until the true purpose for your existence is revealed and you can start fulfilling your actual destiny, finding something that you are incredibly passionate about and developing a way to use it so that others may benefit is what will put you on the path to real success. Keep in mind that the one thing which will be most remembered about you after you leave is the story of what you did while you were here. Therefore, that little dash in between the dates on your headstone will contain the most information, so creating an unforgettable story for that dash to forever represent is what will make you successful in the end.

Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks & star of Shark Tank
Waking up every morning with a smile knowing it’s going to be a great day.
Cindy Shtevi, Graphic Designer
To me being happy means you've succeeded. Who can judge or define what makes one man happy and therefore successful? Personally, being in a place where my bills are not piling up, being able to travel, being able to put my kids through good private schools and still be able to enjoy the small stuff means I've succeeded. I don't need a mansion or fancy sports car to be successful.
Bronwyn Reed, Actress on Law & Order: SVU
To be happy, in love, and respected for your art.
Tayo Rockson, CEO of UYD Magazine
Success to me is the ability to do what you want when you want. I love this quote by James Cameron, "If you set your goals ridiculously high and it's a failure, you will fail above everyone else's success."
Cindy Millet, Educator & Partner at Milletworks
Being successful is all about forming connections and building relationships. It's the human to human interaction of providing encouragement and hope.
Athena Moberg, CPC, Trauma Recovery Coach, Speaker, & RokuTV Host.
When I have the opportunity to wake up every single day and reach out to as many people as possible, help them in ways that are significant, minister to them in ways that are positively life- changing, all while knowing deep down in the very core of my being, that my thoughts and my words and my actions all are in alignment with my core beliefs. The cherry on top will be when I can make a decent living financially while accomplishing all of the above. Neon Hitch, Singer
Susie Cortez, Artist
Having the ability to make a change in someone's life for the better, whether it's through them experiencing my work or by showing them how to unleash their creativity. I believe we are all contributors to society and those that care enough to give themselves to make a difference are the most successful.
Demetrie King, Creator of the Vending MyChine app
Success is like going on your first vacation. Either you strive to work harder to go even bigger the next year or you are complacent with where you have been. Amanda Nicole Miller, Professional Photographer
Personally, I define success in a manner that is paralleled with happiness. My first impression of success will always be one involving career, and having “made it” within whatever path has been chosen there. However, when taking a deeper look at success, there is truly so much more than profitability, recognition, and the like. These things contribute to happiness but cannot provide happiness in its entirety. I believe a successful individual will have that thriving career, but also will be happy with his or her place in the world and where he or she stands. Success is the ability to look around oneself and be satisfied with essentially all aspects: because we, as humans, are a collective being. In order to obtain success, we must also obtain some level of balance. Needless to say, success is a very intangible concept and everyone’s definition will differ. Yet, we still may find that despite differences in definition, we agree with other individuals’ definitions as well. I suppose that’s the beauty of something like success: there really isn’t a right or wrong answer per se.

Birgitta Sunding Thorsen, Film Producer & Artist Manager
Success starts the moment you take the first step towards any goal you set in front of you. The size and reward of the success comes along the journey and may have many stations. Stations that you jump off at to embrace and celebrate, but then get back on again, because no success has a final destination. It should be ongoing! Montel Williams, Emmy Winning Television Personality & Author
I define success by what I give, not by what I get.
Jason Arshan Nik, Life Coach & Author of The Warrior's Odyssey
Success isn't simply about money, it's about a state of enlightenment. A lot of ruthless people make lots of money, does that make them successful? I don't believe losing your humanity makes you successful. Success is when you have a dream that you wish to achieve -- business, faith, family, creativity, whatever it may be -- and you see the obstacles in front of you, conquer those obstacles and achieve those dreams. If you have a willingness to evolve you can succeed. If you stay humble and kind you can succeed. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos & Author of Delivering Happiness
I think true success is when you get to the point where if you were to lose everything you have and had to start all over, you'd truly be okay with it.

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