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Jason Nik interview with Shannon McIntosh

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Before suggesting that Shannon McIntosh is the next anybody in the racing world, I'd like to stop you and tell you that she is the first Shannon McIntosh in the racing world. Starting at a young age and never looking back, Shannon is one of the most motivated racers, woman or man, in racing today.

I spoke with Shannon about her life as a race car driver and her journey toward achieving her dreams.
Jason Nik: You started racing at the age of 5! At that age most kids are playing with toys. Instead of playing with toy cars, you played with real cars. Tell me about that.

Shannon McIntosh: I was always an "active" kid who didn't like toys to begin with but when my parents took me to a Quarter Midget race (a type of racing just for kids), I fell in love and knew that I had to do it. I asked my parents if I could race and we began as a family when I was 5!
JN: What was one of the biggest obstacles you had to overcome to get to where you are today on the roadway to achieving your dream? And how did you overcome it?

SM: The biggest obstacle is finding funding to race and keep my career going. Our sport is driven by our fans and funded by sponsors who see the value of being involved in motorsports. I recognized early on that I wanted to continue racing and my family wouldn't be able to afford it, so I did research and leaned on several experienced people in the industry by being relentless and always asking questions. Although I have had lots of opportunities and formed several partnerships, it is a continuous battle and I am still working to overcome it every day.
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JN: Here at JNikLC, I’m all about dreaming big, conquering obstacles, and achieving those dreams. Your dream is to become the first woman to win the NASCAR Sprint Cup series title. What do you feel will be necessary to achieving that dream?

SM: At this time, the biggest thing I need is to find the right partner who is on board for the long-run and who sees the vision of having a girl like me in victory lane at the pinnacle of American motorsports. I believe I have what it takes, and if I have the ability (like I know that I do), I will be able to fulfill my dream. 
JN: What advice can you give someone who wants to become a race car driver? Where should they start?

SM: Depending on which route the driver wants to go I would recommend Quarter Midgets for kids, and Late Model stock cars for NASCAR route. If you're interested in road racing, definitely go-karts.  JN: Not only do you want to achieve your own dreams, you want to inspire others to achieve theirs. What is something you would like to share with JNikLC readers to help inspire them to work for towards their dreams?

SM: We only have this one life so my message is that if you have something you want to do in life, GO FOR IT. I can tell you, although I am still working hard towards my dreams, I have learned far more in my pursuit than I would if I had chosen the safe route. Even if your dreams and aspirations seem far fetched, the journey of seeking a dream is far more rewarding than the latter. 

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JN: What is your favorite racing movie? Favorite non-racing movie?

SM: My favorite racing movie is Senna and non-racing movie is probably a documentary called Searching for Sugar Man.

JN: Considering all professional racers of the past and present -- who would you like to race against in your dream race?

SM: I would like to someday race against Tony Stewart. 

Shannon McIntosh recently launched a new crowd-funding company, ClutchFunded, created specifically for people with dreams of racing. Check out the stories of these amazing drivers and help them reach their dreams!

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