Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jason Nik interview with Garni Sohrabian, Founder of steal time back

How much time do you spend regretting past decisions? How often do you worry about the future? 

How much would you achieve in your life, if instead you focused on the now? Garni Sohrabian decided to inspire people to live a life in the now when he founded steal time back a company that envisions a world where rather than focusing on time, people focus on the oneness of now and grow to become their best self.

I spoke with Garni and discussed his journey to becoming a time bandit.

Jason Nik: Tell us about your start in the business world and how you ended up founding steal time back.
​Garni Sohrabian: I am actually not a business mind by nature. I graduated from UCSB and was not sure what to do next. A friend suggested we start a shoe company, so we did. I turned out to be good at it and became the President. We grew it into 19 countries and learned a lot in the process. 

Everyone thought I was living the dream, but I was suffering on the inside. I felt a very strong pull towards something, but wasn't sure of what. As I went up in the mountains every day, I learned to see life from above again. Nature helped me remember that all is one. I sold my ownership in the company and left. I knew that my purpose was to remind the world of unity, but not sure how until one odd day.

Two months after leaving my job, I found an old black & white wall clock I had bought 8 years earlier. I had never used it, I really don't like clocks. I only bought it because it said “the truth” on it. Something about it made me keep it all those years. As I was looking at it that day, I realized something. The time is always now. The clock should say now, that is the truth. When we shed the illusions of separation and labels and immerse into the present, we feel the unity of all things. That is how "the truth" inspired us to steal time back!

JN: What is your philosophy on time?

GS: My philosophy on time is very simple. It's always now. Many of us are stuck in worries of the future or past and forget to live in this eternal moment. When we are fully present we realize that all is one and naturally try to better ourselves and the world.
JN: You have traveled a great deal. What are some of your favorite places you have visited? What are some places you would like to visit?
GS: ​My favorite place is here wherever I am. It took me a long time to realize that. I traveled a lot in my life, and sometimes I wondered if I was running towards something or away from something. It was only when I learned how to be here now that I realized the best travels are to go within. I often take what I call "a road trip within".

JN: What do you like to do when you’re not working?
GS: I never really look at what I do as work. I see everything as play. I think part of the reason why so many of us are suffering is that we have created these separations between work and play. All of life can feel like play if we immerse into it fully. 

JN: How can a society so dictated by deadlines choose to steal time back?
GS: ​The best way to
steal time back is to fully engage in what you are doing here and now. Easier said than done in a world full of distractions of course. Put the phone down, listen to the sounds around you, smell the smells, look around, use all your senses. Look into someone's eyes. When we engage in life in that way the universe rewards us with a feeling of deep euphoria that becomes quite healing. In fact, we go and pay to see people who do this because they radiate that energy and make others feel it. Artists, athletes, musicians, etc.

JN: Thank you so much for joining me for this interview. Is there anything else you would like to share with the JNikLC readers?

GS: ​now is the time don't forget
for if you do you will lose it​

steal time back

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