Monday, October 13, 2014

Jason Nik Product Review ft. Jay Grave: Tentsile

Every once in awhile I'll come across a product that really wows me. Something that I just have to share with all of my readers. A couple weeks ago, I discovered an amazing new tent called Tentsile. It is unlike anything you have ever seen before and it's just plain badass. Here at JNikLC, I try to keep all my reviews only products I have personally tried out, but when professional bass fisherman, Jay Grave offered to write a review, I just couldn't turn him down. (Full disclosure: Tentsile is an official sponsor of Jay Grave, but I wouldn't include this review here if I didn't think it was amazing).

Without further ado, allow Jay Grave to tell you about Tentsile:

"I am on the road almost 100 days a year and as an avid outdoorsman, in addition to being a professional bass fisherman, I spend many of those nights in a tent. Several years ago, I thought my tenting days were past. I was sick of sleeping on hard rocks, setting up a tent in the mud, all the time it took setting up my tent and tearing it down early in the morning before a tournament. Then I discovered Tentsile treehouse tents. 
Tentsile suspending tents use three points of contact and “tensile” strength to hang a tent up in a tree, or inside a boat slip, or almost anywhere. The model I have is called a Stingray. It has a nylon bottom utilizes three straps to create 3 separated, hammock like sections for sleeping. These all surround a center hatch for climbing in and out. The roof section is completely mesh, so on a clear night it feels as if you can reach out and touch the stars all the way up from the horizon.

Each Stingray comes with a rainfly in a color of your own selection, gone are the days of buying boring old tents that match everyone else’s; now you can pick and choose your own camping color scheme."

I told you it was awesome! Get your Tentsile tent at and use the promo code GRAVEFISHING for 5% off. 

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