Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jason Nik interview with Talia Russo

Talia Russo is a smart and savvy, multi-talented entrepreneur who understands how to adapt to the obstacles that come her way. Though she's been in many movies and television shows, Talia does far more than act as she is always finding new avenues to achieve success. A sign of a truly successful person -- Talia Russo doesn’t wait for opportunities, she creates opportunities. I had the chance to talk with Talia about her upbringing, motivations, and how she continues to find success as an entrepreneur.
Jason Nik: Tell me about your childhood and how it shaped the dreams that you pursue today.
Talia Russo: My childhood was full of fun and family and moving countries all before I was 7 years old. My mom raised my brother and I alone and we all made the best of difficult situations. Close family members all died within a close time frame for different reasons, but still we all remained positive and lived life. It shaped me in a way that I saw how precious life is and to just do everything now! Don't wait for tomorrow JN: You've been acting for many years now, but what I find most inspiring about you is that you're always exploring new avenues of success. How do you stay motivated? How do you push yourself towards conquering the obstacles in your career and achieving your goals?

TR: Over the years I have pursued many aspects in the film industry. Yes I'm very inspired and motivated, but I'm not stuck in one interest. If I get a small acting role here and there, I'm ok with it, because I'm loving executive producing which I'm doing right now, or hosting and creating TV shows. So big break or not, I'm happy doing everything I'm doing, without leading roles and such.
JN: Based on your experiences, what advice can you give to people who want to get into acting? TR: Advice for actors and anyone who wants to get into the biz would be, network your ass off and research all there is to know about the field you’re in. Education is key and I don't mean formal. JN: What actors and/or actresses would be your dream co-stars? TR: My dream team to work with would be Meryl Streep. She’s hilarious and seems like an amazing giving actor. I also would love to work with Martin Scorsese, just genius! JN: In 2013, you started your own fashion line. Tell me about what inspired you to start Pink Pearl Bikinis? TR: Fashion is a huge part of who I am, I'm very girly and love to dress up and glam up! The bikini line was kind of random, a family friend who had a legging company thought I would be a great spokesmodel to create my own line, so when I went to his factory I saw so many amazing colours and Lycra fabrics that I said I'm just going to design a bikini line! And I just did it! I couldn't find any sexy bikinis for sale in Toronto so I cut all the fabrics and I have a lady who does all the stitching and bam! I created a small business. I made the online store and website and got them into the Thompson Hotel in Toronto

JN: You have big dreams and I applaud your determination -- If you had to do it all over again, is there anything you would do differently? TR: Would I do anything different with my life/career, yes I would have gone to theatre school I think but I was really shy with people I didn't know and I hated all lessons like that. I'm passionate about health also so maybe I should have been a doctor who knows. But I have no regrets. I learn from mistakes and I take my life day by day and achieve all of my goals. JN: Talia, thank you for joining me for this interview. Are there any projects or social media you would like the readers of JNikLC to know about? TR: Thank you for approaching me for this interview! I'm working on executive producing a feature film currently and a TV show. I have been over the last few months approached to be a spokesmodel and marketing strategist for a new tech company that has created an app which will be launched in November. I'm working with an E-cigarette company called to promote the product. And brokering deals as well for my high net worth business contacts. 

Check out my twitter @TaliaRusso for updates! Thank you!

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