Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Authenticity in Style

Trends come and go, but when it comes to style everyone has their own unique style and they should never stray from that. I'm not saying stay in the past, it's ok and welcome to follow fashion trends, but it's important that you have an authenticity in your style.

Authenticity in style means you don't simply wear something because someone popular is wearing it. You wear something because it fits you and represents you. Oftentimes, so-called Fashion Consultants go to their clients' closets, dump everything, then go shopping for a full wardrobe makeover. While it may excite the client while it happens, this is a failed approach. In a few months time, the former client will end up reverting back to the style they had before, because psychologically they feel more comfortable in that style.

With my background in Psychology, I understand how important knowing a person to know their style is. That's why when someone hires me as their Fashion Consultant & Style Coach, I don't throw out their closet or put them in a trendy new outfit. I get to know the client and understand who they truly are and what they want to represent. In fact, many times I can work with them with what they already have in their closet and help them understand how to wear those outfits.

If you're authentic, then when you go shopping you won't have trouble finding what clothes to buy, because you know who you are. And most importantly you will be comfortable and confident with what you're wearing.

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