Wednesday, October 22, 2014

5 Startups that Excite Me (& Should Excite You Too)

*Landmark Business Solutions - A lot of my clients come to me, because their experience with business solution companies have been bad. It seems that most don't really seem to understand business at all. In that sense, Landmark Business Solutions isn't like any of its competition, because not only do they know business, but they recognize that when you succeed, they succeed.
*QuicKbaits - If I was a fisherman, this would have definitely made the top 5. Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to go fishing yet. When I do, you can guarantee it's going to be with QuicKbaits. They only sell tried and tested bait. Their products have been tested in fishing tournaments and by people with 60+ years of fishing experience. What's even more impressive about QuicKbaits is they hire kids under the age of 18 for their Junior Prostaff. To me this is so important, because it gets kids away from their smartphones and tablets, and has them building real world experiences.
5. Corner Tailors - You should be excited because at Corner Tailors you can buy a suit that fits you without having to leave home. Anyone can buy a suit online, but you have no idea if that suit will fit you. Corner Tailors has you covered.  
4. Apeel Sciences - You should be excited because the scientists at Apeel Sciences have developed a spray that will make the life of fruits and vegetables last twice as long. Not only that, but they can make flowers that have been cut last longer too. No pesticides, these sprays are made of 100% vegetable material.
3. SmartThings - I remember checking out a model smart home at Disney World and thinking how amazing it was. Then I found out every little thing that made that smart home so awesome was extremely expensive and if you wanted to have your own smart home, you had to be a millionaire. You should be excited because SmartThings aims to give you a smart home without having to spend thousands of dollars. And if you are a millionaire, SmartThings introduces a much cheaper alternative to having a smart home. 
2. LawTrades - What do all these startups have in common? They all need lawyers to establish themselves. And if they haven't used a lawyer yet, they will. The fact is we all need lawyers at some point in our lives and getting a lawyer is such a hassle. You should be excited because LawTrades changed that. Finding the right lawyer for you has never been so easy. Step 1 - go to (tell them what you need a lawyer for), Step 2 - the right kinds of lawyers are introduced to you (with free consultation, transparent price quote, client reviews, and contact info), Step 3 - Hire a lawyer. It really is that simple.
1. Magic Leap - I didn't know whether to put this in this article or the app article, but I opted for this one, because Magic Leap appears to be beyond anything the world has ever seen before. Their website is designed like a good movie trailer, you don't really know what's going to happen in the movie, but you can't wait to find out. You should be excited because they seem to be taking augmented reality to a level you would only expect in science fiction. Check out their website and get ready to be amazed!

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