Friday, September 5, 2014

Jason Nik interview with Fitness Coach Katie Summers

If I were to use people as an example of my motto "Dream. Conquer. Achieve. Repeat." no doubt Katie Summers would be one of those people. With an incredible transformation, her hard work and commitment inspires everyone who sees what she's accomplished. I spoke with Katie, a raw and bold fitness coach, so that she could share her story and inspire more people to make their own transformations. -------------- Jason Nik: How many days a week do you work out? And how long is an average workout for you? 
Katie Summers: I work out on average 6 days a week 1.5 hours a day. No less than one hour, no more than two. Except leg day. Leg day I live at the gym and crawl out like a sissy girl.
JN: Everybody faces obstacles when looking to achieve their dreams. Some people choose to let those obstacles stop them, because they think it's too much to overcome. Can you share with us some of the obstacles you faced and ultimately conquered on the way to your amazing transformation and continued success?
KS: Oh Gosh. I really don't think I can list them for you. I mean, you name it. I've had self doubt, I've been hurt, I mean I couldn't even start this with two push-ups. It was me versus every reason not to. Feeling selfish for chasing this, having young kids and feeling too exhausted or stretched thin, being called names by people for this because I don't watch TV but I workout instead so you can see what I do with my free time. The truth is nobody understands this until they do it. You have to do it to just get in there and understand this. If you don't do it, you go right back to being that person that was desperate enough to start. I refuse to go back to that place. Once I met this Katie, the one that transformed herself week to week out of pure determination I just went "You'll never go back" and I haven't. Every single day I choose to do what makes me better. This isn't a burden. This is my freedom. This is my joy. This is just who I am now. JN: Some people love to work out. They love the feeling of working out and look forward to it everyday. On the flip side there are people that hate to work out and dread doing it. What can you say to motivate those people?
KS: This is science. You do this hard enough, these little things called endorphins will fill your body and make you happy and you won't even be able to help yourself. This is a fact. If you hate exercise then something inside of your brain is making it a mental thing and not the simple task of being capable. Which you should enjoy. If you don't, I suggest you start digging. Find whatever makes you incapable, a burden and uproot that. That's wrong. You are capable of what many wish they could do. So do it. Or don't. But don't complain if you choose not to. JN: A common misconception people that don’t work out have about people that do work out is that people who work out spend their entire day focused on fitness and don’t have time for anything else. Can you share with us what a day in your life is really like?
KS: Yeah I wake up around with my son and make sure he stays asleep until at least. I wake up with my two little children I have a 3.5 year old daughter and a 19 month old son. After they wake up and we eat breakfast I wake up my husband and he hangs with them while I go to the gym. I leave by and am back before including drive time. I pack his lunch and he leaves then I spend my day cleaning, playing with my kids, doing regular mom stuff, and talking to my clients. Also, we dance a lot in my house. Like I'm sure we do more than most people. Kind of a freak show around here.
JN: What do you tell people who are on the verge of giving up?
KS: Honestly? Lately I've been saying, you either choose to move forward. Or you get back in your little motorized cart and ride around Walmart. That's where you'll end up if you want to go back to the misery of being unhealthy. Stuck. Unhealthy. Incapable. You don't have to. You can catch this now and be free. Or dont. Or get back in your's up to you.

JN: Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us, Katie. Is there any social media you would like to share with the JNikLC readers? 
I'd love everyone to check out my page @loseitconkatie on IG and also @teamrightandtight coaching program which is now being offered!

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