Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jason Nik interview with Cheri Garcia

Cheri Garcia has done what many people dream of doing -- think of a great idea and then invent it. Luckily for all those dreamers, Cheri is making people's dreams a reality.

The inventor of the Luminous Envy Tanning Bed has a passion and work ethic that will inspire you to step up, no matter where you are in life.

I spoke with Cheri about her journey to success and how you can succeed too.
Jason Nik: At JNikLC, I tell everyone “Dream. Conquer. Achieve. Repeat.” Every successful person has their obstacles. Some harder than others. You have had some pretty big obstacles in your life and conquered them to become very successful. Tell me what it took for you to conquer your obstacles. Cheri Garcia: Realizing my purpose, which is to inspire others to become a better version of themselves despite hardship or addiction. Realizing that purpose has made every obstacle seem like an opportunity. Every obstacle I conquer is another opportunity to inspire someone else to change their life. JN: There are so many people that dream of doing something, but they don’t have the skills, experience, or the education to do it -- so they give the excuse that those obstacles cannot be overcome and they give up. You are proof that with hard work and dedication, you can conquer those obstacles and succeed. Tell us a bit about your dream of becoming a journalist and how you achieved that dream. GG: Anybody can do anything they want. Period. It's America. Excuses are just a disguise for insecurities and fear of failure. I wanted to be a journalist, but was told I couldn't achieve that goal without education. I got creative and learned the ins and outs of the business. I called reporters and asked if I could come work with them for a day. My creativity finally paid off and I was offered not one, but two jobs in news. One station in Sherman TX, and one station in Dallas TX. I took both jobs and worked 7 days a week. I later left news to pursue my entrepreneurial goals.

JN: You invented what I believe to be the best way to tan -- the
Luminous Envy Tanning Bed. How did you come up with the idea? And how did you get started?

CG: When someone asks me: "How do I come up with an invention" I tell them to think of something you love doing and what would make it better. OR think of something you hate doing and what would make it better. Generally you can start brainstorming ideas. I loved to tan and wanted to make the process more enjoyable.

JN: Based on your experiences inventing -- what advice can you give someone who has a great idea for an invention? CG: Protection is priority. It's first to file now, so get a professional patent search and file for a provisional or utility patent right away. Then, start doing research on what materials to use and what it will take to create your product. Before filing your patent, try to speak with mentors to get a general idea on what the cost will be so you know what you're getting into. Inventions can easily cost over 100k after manufacturing, inventory and startup costs. JN: You went to jail many times before you turned your life around to become a successful entrepreneur. Now you’re giving back by being a mentor for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP). How important is it to you to be able to give back? CG: I'm not living my purpose if I don't give back. It's very important that I give back. It should be a priority for any successful entrepreneur to give back. JN: Tell us a little about PEP and your involvement with them. CG: I am a volunteer with PEP. I help the students with their business plans while they are still in the program. I help several of the graduates once they are out of prison. I also provide probono PR through the PR firm I work with.

JN: In addition to being an inventor and working on PEP, you also consult people with their inventions and businesses. Tell me how you've been able to guide people and take their ideas to the next level.
CG: I help people go from idea to invention. I also help people and companies build their brand through PR and marketing. I used to work in the newsroom at CBS, so I know most press releases get ignored. I come in and help companies look at their marketing plans from a different perspective and re-position the message for better results. Whether someone has an invention idea, business idea, or  wants to grow their current business... I love helping other entrepreneurs grow their income.  

JN: Cheri, thank you so much for your time. Are there any projects you would like the JNikLC readers to know about? CG: I've started a book that should launch April 1st 2015 and my app startup RentEval launched a few months ago and already gaining a lot of interest in property management.

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