Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Today, JNikLC begins its celebration of #WarriorsOdysseyWednesday. Based on my book The Warrior’s Odyssey, at least one Wednesday a month will feature a post about being a warrior today! Everyone has the ability to be a warrior and I will show you how you can become one. Whether or not you believe that you have what it takes to “Dream. Conquer. Achieve. Repeat.” you need to take a closer look atThe Warrior’s Odyssey.


The Warrior’s Odyssey  tells the story of a young warrior’s quest to save the land of Thera from being overtaken by the diabolical Critic’s bid to rule the land in absolute darkness. Along the journey he meets a royal family, a man known only as Shadow, mermaids, a sinister snake, and a pharaoh, all of whom help transform him into the man he was prophesied to become. The Warrior’s Odyssey is a testament to the fact that we cannot reach our destination without first braving the journey.

With each page turned, The Warrior’s Odyssey raises philosophical questions, making for a truly enlightened reading experience.

The Warrior’s Odyssey intuitively weaves together an exploration of the soul, dreams, destiny, suffering, faith, and love into a lyrically brilliant adventure that will inspire readers for generations to come.

I wrote my book not only to tell a great story of adventure, but also to inspire everyone to find the Warrior within themselves and discover what they’re made of. There are many layers to this book and you won’t get everything through just one read. People have come up to me telling me they initially bought the book just to have something fun to read, but then discovered things within themselves they didn’t know existed until reading The Warrior’s Odyssey. Even I discover  amazing new things about myself when I read this book again — and I wrote it!

This book truly embodies my motto “Dream. Conquer. Achieve. Repeat.” If you have any questions about The Warrior’s Odyssey, feel free to ask me. And when you read it, remember to share your photos on Wednesdays with the hashtag #WarriorsOdysseyWednesday.

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