Monday, August 4, 2014

Dream. Conquer. Achieve. Repeat.

My name is Jason Nik and the goal of my blog is simple — to show you what it takes to reach personal and professional success by dreaming, conquering, achieving, and repeating. With life coaching experience of over a decade — I’m a strategist. I understand that in order to find personal and professional success, we must put forth the effort and find the right strategy to achieve that success. With the right strategy you can dream, conquer, achieve, and repeat. This blog is written to give you many unique strategies to succeed, so that you may find the strategies that work for you.
In the posts to come I will be writing about everything from career, fitness, style, and relationships. I will review products and businesses that I believe can enhance your life or offer my expertise on what can be done to improve certain products and businesses. In addition, I will be interviewing people who have succeeded in whatever their dreams may be or are in the stages of achieving their dreams.
If you put the effort in, you can achieve success. This blog is designed to not only give you ideas, but to help you build strategies so that you may dream, conquer, achieve, and repeat.
So what does “DREAM. CONQUER. ACHIEVE. REPEAT.” mean? I created that motto as the “4 Stages of Being Successful.” They are words I live by and a great way to motivate you in achieving your dreams. The first stage is DREAM — the easiest stage — find out what it is you want to achieve personally and/or professionally. The second stage is CONQUER. Every dream has its obstacles. In order to achieve those dreams you must put forth the effort and find the right strategies to overcome whichever obstacles come your way. You must conquer your obstacles in order to achieve your dreams. There is no way around them, only through them. Once you have conquered your obstacles you will have reached the ACHIEVE stage. It’s time to celebrate! But if you want to be a successful person, you can’t stop there. You’re at JNikLC because you want to be successful in all parts of your life. That’s where you REPEAT. Once you have achieved, it’s time to repeat. Create new dreams and work towards those.
Remember those words: Dream. Conquer. Achieve. Repeat.
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